Music journalism

Highlights of work for publications including The Line of Best Fit, DIY, Bandcamp and The Spinoff.

Metz – Altlas Vending (The Line of Best Fit)
Metz album review
(Image by Josie Keefe)
A Guide to Bristol’s Contemporary Post-Punk Scene (Bandcamp Daily)
Bristol post-punk feature
Jaunt – All In One (The Line of Best Fit)
Jaunt album review
Valhalla: hole in the wall, hall of the fallen – Feature (Audioculture)
Valhalla feature
(Image by Emma Shore)
Eight Artists Breaking New Ground in New Zealand/Aotearoa Hip-Hop – Feature (Bandcamp Daily)
Kiwi hip-hop feature
Miss June’s Annabel Liddell on the Kiwi DIY ethics and sense of family that drives her band – Feature (The Line of Best Fit)
Miss June feature
Gauche – A People’s History of Gauche (DIY)
Gauche album review
Stef Chura – Midnight (DIY)
Stef Chura album review
At the sharp end of Wellington’s live music scene – Feature (The Spinoff)
Wellington’s live venues feature
Tuscoma heavy music wellington
None more black: The vibrancy of Wellington’s hard rock and metal scene – Feature (The Spinoff)
Wellington metal feature

priests the seduction of kansas
Priests – The Seduction of Kansas (DIY)
Priests ‘The Seduction of Kansas’ album review
Priests – Nothing Feels Natural (The Line of Best Fit)
Priests ‘Nothing Feels Natural’ album review